... and welcome to Cambridge Online Guitar

Who COG are:

Cambridge Online Guitar  (COG) grew out of the EAG during the covid lockdowns, when EAG could only meet online.   As EAG returned to normal real life, some also wanted to keep the online format going.  

The basic idea and approach is the same as for EAG, except that you have to provide your own tea and biscuits and there is less opportunity for informal chat.  People can play something or just listen online.  

There is a minimum of organisation: the host sends out an email with a link to the zoom room a day or two in advance.    Sessions are on Zoom, free of charge, and are not recorded.  

When we meet:

COG has coordinated its dates to avoid clashes with EAG.  It usually meets every second Wednesday in the month between 8pm and around 9.30pm,  except for Christmas when we meet first Wednesday of December.  

Here are the dates for 2024There is a  separate page with the date of the next EAG and COG sessions and any special announcements relating to the next sessions.

Contacting us:

For more information, and to get the email with the link, send an email to Rosie at  CambridgeOnlineGuitar@outlook.com