Welcome to Cambridge-based East Anglian Guitarists

Who we are:

The "East Anglian Guitarists" is a forum for guitar players around Cambridge and East Anglia to get together and to play solos, duets and in other small ensembles. We started early 2012, not quite sure how long we would last, but we have already started to pass a few milestones.

The idea is to provide informal performance opportunities for everyone, in a supportive and friendly environment. For some, that can be as a mini-rehearsal for exams or formal concerts. But for most of us, the purpose is simply the enjoyment of sharing music with friends. All guitar styles are welcome: classical guitar, flamenco guitar, blues, folk .... , but most of us play (mainly) classical guitar. Some of us also enjoy playing guitar with other instruments (flute, violin, ...) or with voice.

We have a wide range of technical ability, from beginners to advanced players. Of course, we aim to play musically, so when we perform we may well play something that is technically much simpler than we know we can manage in the privacy of our bathroom (or wherever) without an audience.

Covid-19 update:

During the Coronavirus outbreak, we are planning to hold our meetings online instead. Not quite as good as getting together, and you don't get tea and biscuits. But much better than being completely isolated and it's free of charge - so you can invest in the biscuits of your choice. The online sessions will be on the scheduled dates, starting slightly earlier at 7.30pm.

If you are interested in joining a session, whether to play or just to listen, send us an email at eagcambridge(at)gmail.com . About 15 mins before the session, we will send you an email with a link to the session.

Where we meet:

We meet at St Andrew' Church Centre, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge, web site: https://standrewscherryhinton.org.uk/find-us . Here is a Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/VAgPH .

Guitarists from anywhere in the region are welcome: if you can reach us, we shall be delighted to see you!

When we meet:

We usually meet every fourth Wednesday in the month between 8pm and 10pm (exceptions around Christmas). Here are all the dates for 2020. We have a separate page with the date of our next session and any special announcements relating to the next session.

  • 18 December 2019

  • 22 January 2020

  • 26 February 2020

  • 25 March 2020 (cancelled due to Coronavirus concerns)

  • 22 April 2020 (online - for joining instructions email eagcambridge(at)gmail.com )

  • 27 May 2020 (online - for joining instructions email eagcambridge(at)gmail.com )

  • 24 June 2020 (online - for joining instructions email eagcambridge(at)gmail.com )

  • 22 July 2020 (online - for joining instructions email eagcambridge(at)gmail.com )

  • 26 August 2020 (online - for joining instructions email eagcambridge(at)gmail.com )

  • 23 September 2020 (online - for joining instructions email eagcambridge(at)gmail.com )

  • 28 October 2020 (online - for joining instructions email eagcambridge(at)gmail.com )

  • 25 November 2020

  • 16 December 2020

How it works:

There is a minimum of organisation, no fixed membership subscription and just some basic groundrules, summarised below (click here for a fuller version).

As a general guide, performers will have about 5-8 minutes each, to make sure that everyone who wishes to play has the opportunity. We sit in a big circle and play in succession where we are - no need to move into a performance area, which can be disruptive and waste time. After we've been round once, we have a short break for refreshments and a chat, and then the remainder of the evening is open to anyone who'd like to play another piece. By now shaking hands are a bit calmer, so this is the time to try something more difficult!

We understand that occasionally someone will want to run through a longer programme prior to a concert, for instance. You will be more than welcome to do so, just let us know in advance so we can warn everyone that timings may have to be adjusted. It may not be possible, or fair, for someone to perform a long programme without advance notice because we wouldn't want to displace other people who wanted to play that evening - and we only have two hours.

Of course, there is no obligation to play something. Performing is not a condition of attendance, and listeners are very welcome.

There is a charge of £4 per guitarist for each session to cover the costs of the hall and refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits etc.), but we are not aiming to make money from this. Partners and friends are most welcome, and can come free of charge.

Contacting us:

For more information, send an email to eagcambridge(at)gmail.com , or simply come along to the next meeting: no need to book!